Ready Made Closures
Ready Made Closures for 1.8L bottles@
Ready Made Closures : PP Caps
Ready Made Closures : Plastic Closures
Ready Made Closures : Wide Caps
Ready Made Closures : Screw@
Ready Made Closures : Crown

Closures for Sake 1.8 L bottles (Isshoh-bin)

Ad of Kita Sangyo "Closures for Sake"
Caps for Isshoh-bin with marking for recycling indentification
Packaging Materials for Isshoh-bin
Rust-Proof Caps
Caps with PET "Spot"
Embossed Caps
Trust & Tradition for a Half Century

All Plastic Caps for Issho-bin@

PM(Poly-Molded) PP-Caps
Polyester Paint on PP-Caps
Polyester Paint on PP30S-Caps
Polyester Paint on PP30S & PP28SH-PM


WM & WQ-Caps

Capsules for Sake, Shochu, Beer
Capsules for Wine (General)
Capsules for Wine (Tin & Aluminium)
Nomacorc (Synthetic Cork)
Profile of Nomacorc
Profile of Nomacorc 2004 Edition
VinoWax - Samples
Stamp on Vino Wax
Variety of Vino Wax@WOP
Tools for Vino Wax@WOP
Ready-made Crown & Oxygen Scavenger Crown


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